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Meridian Institute

Information Technology Services

Meridian Institute provides information technology services in support of our projects. Applications of information technology are tailored to meet the communication, information, and data management needs of our clients and projects. With these innovative tools, we can design the most appropriate and cost-effective strategy for meeting a project’s objectives, using both online and traditional face-to-face settings.

Meridian has the ability to support projects with the following IT tools and services.

  • Publicly available project websites that include document libraries, contact lists, calendars, discussion forums, media support (e.g., photo galleries and streaming video), links to social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook, RSS feeds, listservs, wikis, polling tools, and more.
  • Collaboration portals for project participants using SharePoint. These portals have the same functionality as the websites described above, but in a password-protected environment, so project participants can share draft documents and work together collaboratively online.
  • Online dialogue capabilities that enable dozens, hundreds, and even thousands of people to engage in dialogue. These tools enable broad engagement and dialogue beyond what would be possible through traditional face-to-face meetings.
  • Additional tools such as online surveys, online forms for providing input (e.g., on draft documents), “mind-mapping” techniques, real-time voting tools, and web-supported teleconferences.