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Newly Launched CGIAR Research Portfolio Tackles Growing Complexity of Agricultural Development Challenges

Summary posted by Meridian on 5/18/2017

Source: CGIAR (15 May 2017)

Author(s): n/a

The CGIAR global research partnership this week launched its new portfolio of research programs, the CGIAR Portfolio 2017-2022, that aims to reduce by 150 million the number of people suffering from hunger in developing nations. This portfolio is the second generation of the organization’s Research Programs and Platforms directed at reducing rural poverty, improving food and nutrition security and improving natural resources and ecosystem services. Underlying these challenges is the need to increase the productivity and resilience of agricultural systems; the new portfolio places renewed emphasis on nutrition and health, climate change, soils and degraded land, food systems waste, food safety, and stewardship of genetic resources. The work is designed to contribute significantly to the achievement of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. “With more than two billion people suffering from micronutrient deficiency, 795 million of whom are undernourished, the challenge to sustainably, nutritiously and securely feed the growing population is clear,” says Elwyn Grainger-Jones, the executive director of the CGIAR System Organization. “As the world’s largest agricultural research for development partnership, CGIAR is uniquely positioned to deliver multidisciplinary impacts at scale to improve the livelihoods of the most vulnerable, while also strengthening the planet’s fragile ecosystem.”

The original article may still be available at http://www.cgiar.org/press-releases/newly-launched-cgiar-research-portfolio-tackles-growing-complexity-of-agricultural-development-challenges/

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