Robert Blair: Three Canyon Farms
Larry Clemens: The Nature Conservancy
Alyssa Charney: National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition
Pipa Elias: The Nature Conservancy
Callie Eideberg: Environmental Defense Fund
Suzy Friedman: Environmental Defense Fund
*Dave Gagner: National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
Ferd Hoefner: National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition
*Wayne Honeycutt: Soil Health Institute
*Bruce Knight: Strategic Conservation Solutions, Former Chief of USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service
John Larson: American Farmland Trust
Scott Marlow: Rural Advancement Foundation International
Carl Mattson: George Mattson Farms, Inc.
*Stephanie Mercier: Farm Journal Foundation
James Moseley: AGree Co-Chair, and Former Deputy Secretary of USDA
Kellis Moss: Ducks Unlimited
*Rob Myers: USDA Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education
*William Salas: Applied GeoSolutions
Ryan Stockwell: National Wildlife Federation
Eric Washburn: Windward Strategies
Kristin Weeks Duncanson: Duncanson Growers
Joshua Woodard: Cornell University
Paul Wolfe: Walton Family Foundation
Fred Yoder: Yoder Ag Services

* Not involved in any lobbying activities related to the CCITF.